Andante Torque Limiter  

Andante Hand Towel  



Heavy Duty Tuning Key  
Wire Leg Rest  
Deluxe Leg Rest  
Tension Bolts  
Xymox  Practice Pad  
Xymox  Practice Pad  
Cameron Practice Pads  
Econo Practice Pad  
B.A.T.T.S  Shaker Practice Pad  
B.A.T.T.S  Practice Pads   
Chromatic Drum Tuner can be used to tune alto, tenor and bass drums to clearly identifiable pitches. Tuning instructions are included. This tuner should be used in conjunction with a tuning dial for proper set up of the drum.  

Doug Stronach's method for beginner and intermediate drummers featuring a CD ROM which includes:

  • 78 professionally recorded audio tracks
  • 14 digital Videos
  • Scores played with and without piper
  • All exercises with or without a metronome
Rhythms and sticking for snare drummers, in a spiral bound book.  
Snare exercise book, exercises can be combined for variety, spiral bound.  
Massed Band Drum Settings with CD, 20 page book for learning to play traditional massed bands drum scores.  They accompanying CD has recordings of all the scores at four tempos to accommodate all levels of players.  The marching tempo includes a piper playing along.  A comprehensive learning tool.  
Drum Scriobh 2.0 Pipe band drum score publishing software.  
Duthart The Maestro Extensive collection of pipe band drum scores for specific tunes.  
Software for writing pipe band drum scores.  
Peter Walen's book was written for beginning and novice pipe band mid-section drummers.  
TyFry Interactive CD  
Bob Meade's book and video cover tenor and bass drumming for pipe bands.  Great instruction material for beginners and novices.  
This book by Peter Walen offers guidance and information for novice to experienced drummers who can read music.