12X28 Premier Bass



Premier HTS 700



Premier HTS 700 SPC



Premier 16X12 Tenor



 HTS 350 

14 X 7 For Smaller or Jr Drummers


Wrap and Lacquer Finish Colors





Reactor Snare

7" Deep Jr Snare

Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing

Tenor Drums 16X12  16X14  16X16

Bass Drums  28X12  28X14  28X18  24X12  24X14  24X18

Call for Pricing

Call for Pricing


Diamond Chrome Series

18 inch Tenor


Advance Military Series Pro Series

12X14  Snare

With 4 ply Birch with 4 ply reinforcing ring top and bottom.

Aluminum tension hoops. Top and bottom snare throw off.

16X12 Tenor

 With  Birch shell  4 ply reinforcing top and bottom ring.

 8 mm  Birch tension hoops

28X14 Bass

 With Birch shell. Two 8 ply reinforcing rings.

10mm Birch tension hoops.


4X12, 16X12, 18X12  Tenors

 Birch shells with 4ply reinforcing rings.

8mm Birch top and bottom hoops.

28X14  28X16 Bass

 Birch shell with 8 ply reinforcing rings.

                     Both the Advance and Pro Series come with

                                      Reverse slim line lugs

                                  and flush fitting Allen screws 







Hosbilt 15X12 Tenor

Hosbilt 28X14 Bass

Hosbilt 16X12