B.A.T.T.S T Style Snare Harness

B.A.T.T.S V Style Snare Harness

B.A.T.T.S Bass   Carrier    

Premier Bass Carrier Premier Snare Carrier

XL Bass Carrier XL Lite Bass Carrier XL Deluxe Bass 

XL Snare Carrier

XL Vest Snare

XL Ultra Lite Snare Carrier




Talon Snare Harness


Talon Tenor Harness

Also available for all bass drums soon





L&M Leather Tenor Sling  
L&M Single Hook Bass Collar  
L&M Double Hook Bass Collar  
L&M Black Web Sling and Belt  
L&M White Web Sling and Belt  
Andante Tenor and Bass Slings  
Andante Bass and Snare

V Harness