New  Gibson 4 Drone Ceilidh Pipes

Gibson's New 4 Drone Ceilidh Pipes
available in the Keys of "A","B flat" and "D"


Gibson Fireside Pipes

Mounted in Imitation ivory, Stainless Steal, or Brass

Tuning in the key of B Flat, A, or D  (allow 4 to 6 weeks for key of D) 

Includes Reeds, Bag cover, and Cords 



Gibson Ceilidh Pipes

Mouth blown with 3 drones from a single stock

Key of A

Includes Reeds and Bag cover

 Sale $625.00  


Gibson Ceilidh Pro's

Shown in Coco Bola. Plays in the key A and D and can be upgraded to play in the key of B. Mouth or Bellows Blown. Also available in Blackwood

Includes Reeds and Bag cover

Mouth Blown $1175.00     Bellows $1275.00     Blackwood add $100.00



Walsh 2 Drone Shuttle Pipes

Maple and Brass finish with polypenco chanter or Darkwood finish. Reeds and Bag cover included.


Black soft nylon carry case $27.00 



Walsh 3 Drone Shuttle Pipes

Same as the above, but with an additional tenor drone and Darkwood finish


Black soft nylon carry case $27.00 


Walsh Small Pipes

3 Drone polypenco with brass mounts

Key of A. Bag cover and Reeds included



Walsh Small Pipe Combo

Plays in the key of A & D

Available in Nickel and Blackwood

Mouth Blown $975.00  Bellows $1245.00  Blackwood Add  $400.00



McCallum Small Pipes

Blackwood Drones with Art Ivory Caps, Poly Chanter with Art Ivory Sole




 Fred Morison Reel Pipes

 Bellows or Mouth Blown



Half set Uilleann Pipes by Kennedy 

Shown in the Key of D






Practice Uilleann Set

Shown in the Key of D

Bellows Blown           $420.00

Mouth Blown             $240.00