We Carry A Full Line Of Kilts in 3 Weights Made In Scotland With Most Tartans Available

All Kilts Made To Order. Not Off The Peg Generic Fit  

 Pipers Plaid, Fly Plaids, and Sashes Available in Matching Tartan

 Sports Kilts Also Available

Can Be Made With Your Group Or Corporate Logos


Sporrans Can Also Be Custom Made To Order To Meet Your Individual Needs

I-104 I-105 I-107 MSE-1000B  MSL-1005B


F-003 F-004 F-010 F017 F-018 F-020


F-021 F-022 F-023 F-024 F-025 F-026


F-045 MSF-1028 MSF-1050


MSI-1050 MSI-1070 MSI-1080 E-1010


48th Officer 78th Hair 2 Black Watch H-001 H-002 Scots Guard


MSI-4002 MSH-1001G MSH-1404G MSI-2002 Firefighter

Shown with generic badge. Can be made dept specs badges or logos



Police and Fire Semi Formal


Police and Fire Day Wear


The Clan Line can be made to most Clan Crests

The Clan Line Formal







1000-GLN 1000-BAL


Diced Glengarries can be made in Almost any combination to suit your bands needs 


Dicing comes in many color combinations 


Comes in 4 tail or 5 tail models 





Blane synthetic Soles Blane Jr Sizes 4-6 mens Pipers Ghillies Endrick Ghillies
$100.00 $100.00 $140.00 $90.00






Hose come in White, Lovat Blue, Bottle Green, Black, and Navy  

Waffle Top Hose




Grosgrain Flashes



Wool Flashes






Custom Belt Embossing Available 



MAL-1001 PBTN MAL-2002 ACF8B6E MAl-1016      
  2 1/2 or 2 1/4in            
RHB-2223 RHB-2224 RHC-2223 RHC-2224 RHC-2258 RHC-2259    
RHC-2259.6 RHC-2250 RHC-4010 RHG-2229 RCH-2264.5 RCH-2263    
RHC-2610 RHC-2615 RHC-2620 RHP-2005 RHP-2005 RHP-2015    
  RHP-4000 RHP-2022 RHP-2020   9675






Rampant Lion

Antique Bronze or Silver Finish

Antique Bronze Thistle



Celtic Stag Horn

Jeweled Stag Horn

Antique Silver Thistle









                                                   All Jackets and Doublets are made of the finest Barathea Wool, Doeskin or Serge. All materials and assembly from Scotland and Canada



Prince Charlie


Drum/Pipe Major Doublet

Military Doublets



5 Button Pipe Band Vest


Inverness Capes

Band Spec Capes by Mister Anthony


All Capes come in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL